Austin is consistently ranked as one of the top U.S. cities for a working vacation. Going on a working vacation, or “workation” in some circles, means you’re living and doing business away from your home base. With more and more industries allowing their staff to work fully remote, many employees are choosing to head to Texas for an extended period to work and play. It’s a great way to have exciting new experiences at a wonderful destination while retaining the comfort and security of keeping your existing employment and income.

If you’re currently employed remotely and looking to try something invigorating, consider a long-term working vacation to Austin. The city has a lot of benefits that make it a top pick as a work-play destination. It doesn’t matter if you are a project-based employee who grinds until the job’s done, or if you work normal business hours. Austin, Texas’s capital city, is always a prime choice because of its cool culture, warm weather, hot music and fire nightlife. But there are other reasons the city gets the nod so often – let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of a Working Vacation to Austin

There are lots of benefits in choosing Austin for your working vacation, aside from what we’ve already mentioned – like sunny skies and a bustling culture. Here are a few more reasons to select Austin for your workation:

Central Time Zone

Austin is in the Central Time Zone, which is ideal for employees who need to conduct business coast to coast. It shares the time zone with other major U.S. cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and Houston. In the Central Time Zone, you’re only an hour behind East Coast cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington, and two hours ahead of West Coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Excellent Wi-Fi

We all know how difficult it can be to work in a remote location where internet service is poor. In Austin, the entire city is fully wired for the fastest speeds anywhere. Google Fiber provides fast, reliable web service with no data caps, no annual contract and no installation fees, along with 24/7 support. Other top internet providers in Austin, ranked by maximum fastest speed, are AT&T, Spectrum, HughesNet, Viasat and Earthlink.

Tasty Delivery Services

If you’re hard at work, you don’t always have time to run out for a bite to eat. In Austin, there are lots of ways to get food delivered right to your door. Not only does Austin have meal delivery services like Postmates, GrubHub and UberEats, but countless local restaurants will bring the many tastes of Texas to your doorstep. If you like to cook, Farmhouse Delivery is a local’s favorite that sends farm-to-table groceries right to you.

Stay Flexibility

A typical work vacation can last anywhere from two to eight weeks. Sometimes, a longer workation is needed. A summer getaway that coincides with the kids’ summer vacation from school – June through early August – is another popular choice. A full summer vacay allows the family to enjoy the city during the day, leaving the residence quiet to get work done. Our rentals are available for a few days for a quick getaway, or longer stays like a couple weeks, a month, or more. Many times, it’s easy to extend your stay at the same residence if there isn’t another arrival that interferes with your intended stay dates.

What to Look for When Planning Your Austin Work Vacation

If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental before, you’re in for a wonderful experience. A vacation rental is a fully furnished condo, townhouse or private home. There’s a lot more space than a traditional hotel room. In addition to more room to stretch out, you’ll enjoy all the conveniences that you’d find at home, and more. Upscale vacation rentals can have improved kitchens and more elegant bathrooms, along with extra gathering spaces like an office, media room, deck or patio.

When you begin planning your workation, make a wish list of amenities for your residence. Don’t know what to look for? Here are a few terrific ideas to get you started.

Find a Cool Office

This might be a no-brainer, but you can benefit greatly from renting a residence with an office. An office will give you a dedicated space to get work done. This is particularly important if you’re bringing family, friends or pets along on your workation. (We’ve all seen the viral videos of infants or pets crashing an important virtual meeting!)

If you can’t find a listing with an office that you love, consider alternate rooms or spaces that you can utilize, if needed. A residence with an elegant bookshelf, desk, sofa or a scenic patio can give you that professional look in a Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting.

Rent a Residence with an Inspiring View

Austin has some beautiful views, from golden sunsets on a downtown rooftop to spectacular views of the waters of Lake Travis or Lake Austin. When you’re working intensely, there isn’t much time for an extended break, so stepping right outside your residence for an inspiring view or a breath of fresh air might be just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee with a view, or end the day taking in the view while the sun sets in the Texas sky. Austin regularly boasts bluebird skies, unspoiled air and stunning sunsets!

Relax in a Private Pool or Hot Tub

Now we’re talking! If you like to unwind in style, secure a working vacation rental with a swimming pool or hot tub. Not only will it provide endless hours of enjoyment for friends and family, but it can really help ease your muscles after a tense stretch at work.

If a pool or hot tub is too excessive for your tastes, maybe consider residences that have a steam shower or jetted tub in the master bathroom. Steam showers feel awesome on your body, with waterfall shower heads and jets at every angle to provide the ultimate in water massage and tension relief. A jetted tub, or Jacuzzi tub, is perfect for a hot soak or pressure massage.

Find a Rental with an In-Home Gym

For many people, their day begins or ends with a healthy workout. By renting a residence with a gym, you can skip the daily trip to a crowded gym that you’re not used to. Some residences may have a dedicated gym room, or space inside or outside that’s adequate for exercise, yoga or meditation.

Workation Rentals with Trails Nearby

Don’t want to be cooped up in a gym? Austin is a wonderful place to get outdoors. The city has a variety of parks you can explore on foot or bicycle. Many of the parks and trails of Austin are pet friendly, too. If you can find a park or trail near your home, you can get in some quick exercise with some fun exploring and cool views.

Tee Off at an Amazing Golf Course

Golf is great for exercise and stress relief, and Austin has some of the finest courses in Texas. When it’s time to relax, try teeing up at these favorite local golf courses:

  • Apple Rock at Horseshoe Bay Resort
  • Fazio Canyons Golf Course
  • Grey Rock Golf Club
  • Hyatt Regency Lost Pines
  • Onion Creek Club
  • Palmer Lakeside
  • Teravista Golf Club

If your working vacation is long enough, you may just have enough time to play a round at each!

Get a Residence with a Cozy Fireplace

Warm up next to a cozy fireplace during a break from work, or have it crackling in the background as you get work done. Crack open a bottle of wine with that special someone, or curl up with a good book. Having a fireplace at your residence helps create a relaxing ambiance and sets the mood so you can accomplish what you came to do. Most luxury residences have signature gas fireplaces in the main living area that are perfect for gathering, relaxing and entertaining.

Work Vacation Rental Options in Austin

We have residences that are ideal for a workation, no matter the length of your stay. If you want to give it a try and come to Austin for a few weeks, we have condos and homes that can accommodate your timeframe. Ready to make the big move for a month or two? Why not visit for the summer, or come in March for the popular SXSW festival and see what all the hubbub is about? Browse our inventory or give us a call and we’ll review our available options over the phone.