Do you have a primary or secondary property in Texas that you would like to earn extra cash from without selling? At Lone Star Vacation Rentals, we help Texas homeowners earn income from their properties by renting them out to vacationers and tourists.

Lone Star Vacation Rentals handles this entire process for you, from marketing your property, staging it, booking stays, collecting payment and cleaning the property after each stay. You earn competitive compensation each time we book your property and receive steady income without having to lift a finger!

We know you probably have a lot of questions. Please read through some of our most common questions to see how our process works and if your property is a fit for our needs.

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What types of properties are we looking for?

We are interested in almost any type of property from studio apartments up to large houses.

Does the property need to be in a specific geographic area?

We are currently ramping up for the Austin market. The rest of Texas is in the planning stages.

How much will I make from my property?

We provide property owners with competitive compensation each time we book their property. The actual amount will depend on how much we can rent the property for and how often the property is booked.  We are usually able to achieve a very high occupancy rate for all our properties throughout the summer as well as steady occupancy in the spring and fall. Winter occupancy rates tend to be lower but are still profitable for most of our property owners.

To learn how much you can make on your property:
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What will you do for my property?

Lone Star Vacation Rentals will handle every aspect of managing your property as a vacation rental. This includes prepping the property, marketing it, booking renters, accepting payment, cleaning the property afterwards and paying you a net owner’s draw for each booking within two weeks of guest departure.

How do I know you’ll take care of my property?

We respect your property and do everything we can to make sure it is well-cared for under our management. That means bringing in quality renters and monitoring the property at all times.

We clean and thoroughly inspect each property after renters leave, and, if needed, we provide touchups, deep cleanings and repairs.

Can I live in my house while it’s not being rented?

We prefer not to have owners living in their house full-time while we are trying to rent it. It can be stressful for the property owners to move in and out on short notice, and it interferes with our ability to clean and prep the property for renters.

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