It seems like everybody is headed to Austin for one reason or another. The hip, progressive city is consistently in the news and recognized online for its high quality of living. It’s a great place to live, a fantastic vacation destination, an emerging tech hub, and home to the University of Texas and its more than 50,000 undergraduate students.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin is almost perfectly located: 80 miles from San Antonio, 165 miles from Houston and less than 200 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth.

Recently, Austin became known as a booming tech hub – attracting the likes of SpaceX, Oracle and Palantir, among others. The city was one of the hottest relocation destinations for tech pros during the pandemic.

All the attention Austin has received recently has opened the door to several upscale, exclusive homes available to rent for your next vacation. The thriving city has lots of new or recent construction that are luxury rated with tons of premium amenities and extravagant touches. They are also in better locations and offer more privacy and space.

Choosing to rent a private home instead of a traditional hotel can make a world of difference in your Austin vacation experience – and we’ll explain why.

Private Home Rentals in Austin: What to Look For

There are a lot of private home rentals in Austin from which to choose. First, make sure you rent through a reputable company, like Lone Star State Vacation Rentals. If you rent directly with an owner, you might be working with them directly if there are issues that can come up. Some owners can be extremely helpful and attentive to your needs, while some … Well, let’s just say some are better than others.

As far as the property itself, look for a residence that has enough bedrooms you need, plus all the amenities you desire. For some, it’s important to have a larger gathering space for a family meal or to entertain guests. Others would rather have a spectacular master bathroom with marble countertops, a Jacuzzi tub and a steam shower. Even more would prefer a property close to the river or more on the outskirts of town. If it helps, make a list and prioritize what’s important to you!

What Makes a Home or Villa Rental the Smart Choice?

Renting a home or villa for your Austin vacation enhances your spending dollar because you get tons of hidden value. A private home will probably cost a little more per night than a luxury hotel, but are they even comparable? With a private home, you can get thousands of square feet of living space, a full kitchen with appliances, storage space, a deck or patio, and a garage. While amenities vary from property to property, the total amount of living space you get with a private home rental is always way more than a hotel.

Think of the cluster of hotels in your hometown or near where you live. You know, the pocket of hotels that always includes a few fast-food joints and a couple gas stations. Is that area indicative of the whole town? It’s almost crazy to think that every visitor to town sees it from that perspective. But when you rent a private home, you’re far away from that mundane grouping.

Where Can I Find the Best Home Rentals in Austin?

From downtown to the suburbs, there are excellent homes for rent in Austin for your next vacation. Private homes in Austin are in some of its finest neighborhoods, like:

  • Allandale
  • Crestview
  • Downtown Austin
  • East Austin
  • Hyde Park
  • Mueller
  • Old West Austin
  • Rosedale
  • Westlake Hills

Ultimately, it depends on your personal likes and tastes. There are several vacation rentals near the University of Texas campus in neighborhoods like Central Austin, North University, Hyde Park and North Loop. On the north side of the Colorado River that runs through town are some upscale homes in the Barksdale neighborhood and East Caesar Chavez. South of the river, Barton Hills, Zilker, Bouldin Creek and Travis Heights are all desirable neighborhoods.

Who Can Benefit from a Private Home Rental?

Renting a private home is perfect for a group of friends looking for a getaway under one roof. Maybe you and the gang want to experience one of the city’s many festivals, or just enjoy Austin’s top-flight dining and magnificent nightlife for a few days.

A private home means you’re not surrounded by other vacationers or forced to deal with a smarmy front desk clerk or perky housekeeping staff knocking on your door too early. Simply put, it’s a home away from home where you’re free to unwind. No noise, lots of space and just the voices of the friends and loved ones you know. Now, who’s ready for a home-cooked breakfast before we head out and explore Austin?

Are There Home Rentals Near Downtown Austin?

Thankfully, there are lots of private homes to rent near Downtown Austin where all the action is. Downtown is a main gathering spot in the city, with a plethora of amazing restaurants, neat shops and upscale retailers, and the stunning river. A few of the more popular neighborhoods around Downtown Austin are:

  • Civic District
  • Market District
  • Medical District
  • Red River Cultural District
  • Seaholm District
  • Waller Creek District

These districts have a few homes, but most single-family residences are either to the east or west of downtown in nearby neighborhoods like Clarksville, East Caesar Chavez, Central East Austin and East Austin. South of the river, most of the homes are in neighborhoods such as: Barton Hills, Bouldin Creek, Dawson, South Lamar, Travis Heights and Zilker.

Where Can I Find the Best Home Rentals in Austin?

Sifting through home rentals can be a tedious task. It can be very time consuming if you go down the rabbit hole. The easiest way to avoid all that is to visit Lone Star State Vacation Rentals at the beginning of your discovery process. Simply visit our site and enter your dates to view available rentals during that time frame.

Then, you should see a list of available properties that you can click on to view photos and learn more about it. At any point you can go back and view a different property, or start a completely new search based on the criteria you enter.

At any point, if you need assistance, you can pick up the phone and give us a call. (We don’t mind doing business the old-fashioned way!) We are also responsive to email if you prefer. We’re always happy to give recommendations and answer any questions that you might have. Our goal is to make sure your Austin experience is top-notch from arrival to departure.