Austin, Texas is one of those destinations you must experience to appreciate completely. The progressive city is known for its fascinating vibe, awesome live music venues, chic bars and restaurants, vibrant culture and rich history. It’s a state capital, a college town, an arts town, a political and tech hub, and a gateway to an abundance of outdoor recreational adventures. To say that Austin stands above the rest of Texas as an authentic, one-of-a-kind vacation destination might be a massive understatement.

With so much diversity, it should come as no surprise that Austin has a lot of hotels – more than 200 to be exact. A large concentration of hotels are peppered along Interstate 35 throughout the city. There are quite a few hotels near the University of Texas campus as well as downtown near the Colorado River. Hotels vary in price and quality, with several budget brands near the highways. Downtown and hotels by the Colorado River tend to command premium prices, and are in the highest demand.

What is a Vacation Condo?

A growing trend over the past few years in the vacation industry is travelers opting for a vacation condominium or townhouse instead of a traditional hotel for their getaway. Often, a vacation condo isn’t much more costly than an upscale hotel but provides a lot more value and bang for your buck.

A vacation condo is a luxury residence, often in a gated community, which has all the top-tier amenities that you’d expect at an upscale condominium complex in a big city. Vacation condos are usually independently owned and rented out by the owners for additional income when they are not using it. To maximize income potential, many owners keep their condos furnished with high-end comforts and luxury finishes to attract guests.

Why Choose a Vacation Condo over a Traditional Hotel?

Vacation rentals often get the nod over a traditional hotel room from savvy travelers who want more value for their spending dollar. Simply put, vacation rentals offer things a regular hotel room simply can’t match.

The main selling point is privacy. At a hotel, you’re surrounded – top and bottom, side to side – by other guest rooms. And those guest rooms are occupied with vacationing families out to have a good time. It can be loud, uncomfortable and unmanageable.

At a vacation condo, you typically share fewer common walls than a hotel. In many instances, you share a wall or maybe two. Some rentals have no shared walls. And many times, the residences next door are unoccupied. Keep in mind, many individual owners don’t sell their residences at deep discounts just to fill the room for the evening like hotels do.

The second big selling point for a vacation condo over a traditional hotel is amenities. This can include upgrades like steam showers and Jacuzzi tubs in the master bathroom, a private hot tub, garage parking, and an individual patio or deck and grill – just to name a few.

The third attractive quality of a vacation condo is accessibility and location. In today’s marketplace, you can find a vacation rental that’s close to what you’re planning to do while you’re in Austin. Many vacation residences are just off major freeways in the city. But you’re not on “hotel row” in between the Taco Bell and 7-Eleven – you’re down the street from stylish stores and restaurants that regular locals frequent, not surrounded by throngs of detached vacationers.

Who Rents a Vacation Condominium in Austin?

When you rent a vacation condo, you’ll get a lot more than a stodgy hotel room. For example, at a two-bedroom condominium, you’ll have two separate bedrooms with either a shared bath or separate bathroom, and an additional bathroom, usually in the hallway. You’ll also have a full kitchen and living area, many of which have a contemporary open design with clean sight lines and lots of space to move around. Residences often have stainless kitchen appliances and everything you need, down to the coffee maker and coffee filters.

Families on a budget love a condo rental. It seems counterintuitive because it may cost a little more than a traditional hotel, but the benefits can save big! Vacation condos come with a full kitchen, so you can shop for groceries at an Austin market and prepare a few meals at home. Having meals like breakfast or a quick lunch at the condo can save on eating out every meal. Rentals also have laundry facilities, so you don’t have to pack as much or pay added airline fees. Pack less and just do a load or two of laundry at your condo.

Where are the Best Vacation Condos in Austin, Texas?

There are prime condo rentals all over Austin. You can find available rentals near downtown Austin and the riverfront, or the campus of the University of Texas. A few of the more popular neighborhoods around Austin are:

  • Downtown Austin
  • East Austin
  • East Caesar Chavez
  • Hill Country
  • North Loop
  • Red River Cultural District
  • Riverfront
  • South Congress
  • South Lamar
  • Zilker

Condos will vary in style, size and décor. Each condo is individually owned and decorated in a style that is appealing to the owner. Many owners have sleek, contemporary residences that resemble a luxury hotel. Properties are fully furnished, including kitchen appliances, dishes and silverware, bedding and linens, and more.

If you need something specific in advance of your stay, it’s always best to coordinate with the property owner and property manager prior to your arrival.

Can I Rent My Austin Condo for Additional Income?

Property owners who want to rent their condominium, townhouse or private home for additional income should contact Lone Star State Vacation Rentals to discuss how our services can benefit you. We are in Austin and can be your contact on the ground, in the city, 24/7. We work with out-of-city and out-of-state owners regularly and can handle every aspect of your property management needs, from basic maintenance services to prepping a residence for your arrival. We’ll do as much – or as little – as you need us to do for you. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you protect your investment and generate new revenue.

How Do I Find the Perfect Vacation Condo in Austin, Texas?

Finding a perfect vacation condominium rental for you in Austin is only a few clicks away. Our website has current available properties in Austin that are available for rental by the night, for the week, a month or longer. (Don’t forget: Austin is an awesome location to live and work remotely!)

Start your search by selecting Vacation Rentals from the top navigation, or you can simply go to our homepage and enter the dates of your stay. You can browse properties directly online. Click a listing to learn more, view pictures, and submit an inquiry. We will get back to you ASAP and might have additional options for you at that time.